I graduated in Graphic and Typographic Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague where I was trained to be an applied artist. My final project in 2004 was a project for ING Bank. For this company I developed brochures and illustrations about sustainable investment. This work was selected for the South Holland Designer Prize and exhibited in museum Het Prinsenhof in Delft. In the years following my graduation I worked as a designer and illustrator for a variety of clients such as Canon, Microsoft Netherlands, NRC Handelsblad, and furthermore for different municipalities, publishers, restaurants and schools.

My work
Important sources of inspiration for my work are culture, nature and the tension between those two. I seek this inspiration mainly during trips, but also here in Amsterdam. I like to visit foreign countries, absorb their smells and colours, meet people and get to know new practices and rituals. I love Amsterdam because of its rich cultural diversity, which I like to experience as close as possible. I learnt that even though cultures may seem very different, they also share many similarities. Another important theme that always grasps my attention and inspires me is how people relate to their environment, how they protect and abuse her.
As a designer I try to step in the shoes of the client, with the goal to visualize their idea or strategy in an appealing and clear way. In my illustrations, my identity holds a central position because as an illustrator my own feelings are at the base of my work, which is characterized by fantasy images and the use of intense colours. It is often described as wayward and playful. My illustrations range from holy mountains (see ‘Sacred Mountains’) up to double muscled sheep (see ‘Bismilla Arabia’) and from a conversation between Alfa and Bèta (see ‘En de mens speelt met de tijd’) up to diamond birds (zie ‘Arabia bij je thuis’).
I think a good and interactive relationship with my clients is important and valuable, because the best results derive from teamwork.

Interested in my work?
My illustrations are for sale in the webshop. You can contract me as an illustrator or graphic designer for, for example, (children’s/cook-)books, visual identities, websites, posters, cards, newspapers and magazines. For more information mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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